I have been feeling like I am struggling to find a good way to connect my technology (the accelerometer powered via Arduino) to either Unity or Processing in a way that would allow me to control a game sprite in the way I want to. My plan initially is to isolate each of the axis that the accelerometer measures (X,Y,Z) to be able to control the different axis in different ways, separating them with different commands. However connecting the accelerometer via arduino through Unity requires scripting well above my technical abilities (because I only have a real small grasp on C#) and in processing (which I feel more comfortable with), even with the libraries installed it unfortunately will not control the way I am wanting to. This is because I am unable to move the game object / character around the screen (left, right, up, down) and instead it pivots locked to an axis. I have been trying troubleshooting tutorials, however this hasn't been successful as I can only find really old threads that don't seem to resolve my issue. 

Fortunately though, during the search to find answers to my problem I discovered Tramontana.  A set of processing libraries that connect processing to your phone and can use any of the sensors such as gyro, accelerometer etc... and connect via wifi to processing. You can also connect multiple devices and assign different device ID's so you are able to write code that gives them different controls. The basic code to access the accelerometer / gyroscope is also really simplified and allows me to separate the axis as I had hoped.
As you can see it is very basic at the moment, but I am glad yo of had this breakthrough - albeit later than I had anticipated. It means I can start tinkering with the possibilities and get some concepts in to processing for testing. 

The setback has got me thinking more about what I want to show at the viva and degree show, to be able to best express the experience I have in mind. I would love to be able to show the connection between the suit, app and game play at the points that they intersect. I was thinking more about the game launch sequence from the app. Specifically how to add a bit of magic and delight to it for the user (either parent or child). I am wondering how to show a connection between the app that starts the game experience (casting it to different screens etc...) and the experience itself and thought perhaps a rocket, containing the narrator flies off the app and on to the game screen. I believe this would be possible by having the device I intend to show the app also connected to Tramontana. 
What next? 
I have a playtesting session scheduled for two weeks from now, so the idea is to progress forward with the project in all areas. I want to get as far forward with the project by then so that I have more to testing. I am going to start with the suit as my fabric has arrived and that feels like a fairly resolved area that I can get finished quickly. Then the idea is to work on the app and game simultaneously as I want there to be coherence between these. 
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