The next part of the design sprint week was to reflect on all that has been learnt so far and then decide upon an idea to prototype. I am really keen to get more of an idea of how the children will react to a wearable controller that is like a onesie and being asked to move through a game, so I decided one of the easier game ideas to prototype for a quick test would be the endless runner (temple run) idea, as this could be created using a prototyping tool and animation with keys to change the states of the animation to mimic how the child moves.

I set about firstly thinking about the A-Z rhyme to think of potential scenarios for the mini game (what the objective of the endless runner is, dodge, avoid, etc..) 
The rhyme
I have adapted the rhyme I found earlier this week in to something that is more action based and could be riddles for mini games, well as far as Q in the alphabet:

Attention space cadet, we're sealing up the ship! Strap in, start the countdown - we're ready for a trip
Blast off! Let's get ready to race. Can you be the first to steer your ship to space?
Congratulations, your first mission is complete. Next stop is the moon and there's some aliens to meet.
Dancing is our favourite, we hope that you'll join in. Left, right, up, down and don't forget to spin!
Excellent dance moves but we really have to run. We've left you a mission, we think could be fun.
Find your way to our spaceship to further your adventure. But watch out for the craters or you'll not be able to get there.
Get inside the ship, the adventure has just begun! Flying across the solar system we're headed for the sun.
Hot rays of light exploding all around.... (not sure)
It's time to land on Mercury, the heat too much to bare. Quickly find () and get back in the air.
Jumping on to Venus, to collect ()'s pet. That rain is made of acid, be careful - don't get wet.
Keep on with the mission, through the clouds we fly. Next we are on to Mars, that red dot in the sky.
Landing is a challenge, the air is really thin. Direct us with the parachute, make sure we don't spin.
Mars is like a desert, but one that's really cold. Explore this world before us, to find the secret it holds.
Now you've found the secret from the valley floor. It's time to relight the rocket, to Jupiter we soar.
Open up the space hatch, and get in to the pod. We're off to a belt of star like bits and bobs.
Passing asteroids and comets, small worlds of ice and rock. Gravity almost nothing, you'll fly instead of walk.
Quick, we need to rescue (), the Jupiter we go! The largest planet out there, with four big moons you know.

I was wondering which of these narratives / riddles would lend themselves mostly to the endless runner format I have decided to prototype first. My thought is it will either be F, or P. However with P being about "flying" I am wondering if this might be too complicated for the first step, so I decided to create art work that could exist for a moon like atmosphere, craters and the character that will be controlled.

The art work
The above shows a quick sprite animation of the character jumping as I wanted to get this motion for jumping over the craters. The next step was to create the background and craters that the player needs to avoid:
I decided to put the craters in afterwards so I could see how the animation of the character jumping worked within the animation and these could easily be placed after. 
I then used the art work to create an endless runner game in I know isn't really used for this type of thing typically, however I have managed to get a good grasp about how to make animations of this type work through exploring in the past. I was able to create this key controlled animation which you can find at the following share link
It doesn't actually work like a normal game as it is all triggered by the keys pressed:

Enter = jump
Delete / Backspace = to trigger the oops try again screen if you fall down a crater
P = to restart the game after the oops try again screen

It is a very simple game concept and at the basic form. I am wondering if this would translate better in 3D, or from a first person perspective, especially to be able to add any movement in besides jumping as I feel just jumping could get tedious / not very enticing for repeat play. However this has given me a potential wizard of oz and mk 1 prototype that I can show alongside the pilot suit (although it needs to be adjusted to fit properly!) and hopefully mini suit next week. I also have a tutorial with Graham this week coming to show him the progress I have made.

What next?
I want to get this wizard of oz prototype with limited functionality tested either as a pilot with other people, or preferably with some test families (who I need to fully recruit!). I am also going to contact Tracey at the V&A about the possibility of getting the project tested during the Toy Testers V&A session. I need to adjust the first prototype of the adult suit to fit, so that it is usable for pilot testing. It is also time to make the first mini suit!
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