Unfortunately, I have had to write this retrospectively. After unexpected temperatures in south eastern France this weekend, I sadly developed heat stroke and the London to Rome journey has had to come to an end:

It breaks my heart to say that my running journey to Rome has sadly come to an end. A combination of running excessive miles in excessive heat got too much for me yesterday and it’s just not safe for me continue, especially being solo and with no support team on hand. I am insanely proud of myself for how far I have come and it’s being an absolutely incredibly indescribable experience that I will never forget. Heatstroke / heat exhaustion and altitude sickness were always going to be the two things I couldn’t really train and prepare myself for other than do what I could to prevent them and getting sick with either one was always going to spell the end for my challenge and I’m genuinely gutted to be leaving it here.

I’m going to take a few days out to recover, rest and eat as now my body is flaring up too, but I’m going to be ok and that’s the most important thing. Thanks to everyone who showed their support and those who have sponsored me. The charity will really make good use of what has been raised and I appreciate every word of encouragement and support from everyone. 
8 days - just under 400 miles (I almost made it to Switzerland in fact I can practically smell the alps from here) - way too many calories burnt - still an epic adventure. 🏃🏽‍♀️💔
It was really unfortunate to be honest. As the start of the last day I felt absolutely amazing. Having a beer helped with the inflamed joints as recommended by various people on google. I also felt totally recharged, ecstatic and enthusiastic to keep going after my rest day yesterday. Unfortunately though, as much as I could attempt to prevent heatstroke, it wasn't meant to be. Finding an open shop to stay hydrated on a Sunday through the part of France I was travelling proved to be a challenge in itself. I have never been so excited to see a McDonalds and service station before. 18 Euro of fluids later and I was good to go. However, it wasn't enough and the long exposure to the sun (probably doesn't help being ginger) was too much. I ended up getting to the chateau pretty late, vomiting everywhere and upon medical advice made the decision (sensible decision) to end the trip. 
It does all feel pretty depressing and I feel devastated, maybe even a little like I have failed. But I know that I need to look at the positives and realise just how far I was able to come. 
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