After the events of last night and upon reflection realising that I had got a bit ahead of myself by spending so long sightseeing in Guînes, I decided to make sure that the 60+ miles I need to cover today would be my main focus. Definitely better road surfaces today than anything. However, I focused on running more so than anything else so I didn't take as many notes. Other than these Instagram posts. One thing I really don't understand is the accommodation over here, third day in France and the second problem I have encountered. Turning up before 6pm to a locked hostel. Luckily, a phone call and better understanding of my attempt at French resolved it really easily. But how difficult does getting in to a hostel you've pre-booked have to be?
Firstly I want to thank everyone who messaged me last night. I am so grateful to have such supportive awesome people around me who were really there for me when I needed last night. You all helped in your own way and I’ll never forget it. I knew this journey and adventure would be filled with ups and downs and it would have all been too easy to give up yesterday and come home after the day I had, but if I’d done that I wouldn’t of had such an amazing day today. Journeying through to Arras, Baupaume, the Somme battlefields and ending up in the very beautiful Péronne. It’s been my longest day in terms of miles and my legs are sure hurting but I’m finding a rhythm and my legs are doing as they’re told for now! That being said the swelling in my feet and ankles is getting a little concerning but I’m hoping a good nights rest and the frozen chips wrapped around them will do the trick. Next stop Laon #londontorome #france #viafrancigena#somme #lasomme #peronne #beautiful#frenchcountryside #thankyou#youngmindsuk @youngmindsuk
I am really feeling so grateful for all the messages where people checked in on me yesterday and helped to keep my spirits up and keep going. It would have been far too easy to have quit. Swelling has started to settle in and I took advantage of a 6pm finish today to go get some more supplies. I needed some ice for the swelling and thought I would try find some frozen peas. Apparently where I was looking peas only came in boxes so frozen chips instead. Running through the Somme battlefields today was pretty incredible, but because I was so focused, I definitely didn't appreciate it how I would have liked to of done. I am thinking about another really long day tomorrow and before bed I am going to get some runner's yoga in to stretch out as my IT band is really playing up now. (As expected)
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