After physically and emotionally hitting the wall yesterday, I decided to be good to myself and take the morning off to stretch and do some yoga in the park to enjoy the sunshine, eat some food and relax before making a little bit of headway in to the next bit between Chalons-en-champagne and the swiss border to rest elsewhere this evening. I was going to take the whole day off, but I made the decision to keep going even just a little bit because I am way more scared of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) hitting tomorrow than the potential pain of another leg cramp. However, I felt also reflecting on how far I have come in a week will also put my spirits back up and motivate me. 
I have been struggling quite a lot with my appetite and the weight loss has been pretty evident within the first week. I set up a system back home with friends to send them update photos because I knew they would be honest if the weight loss was causing concern. I am burning around 10,000 calories per day currently. However, my stomach has been feeling really strange and I can't eat that much at the moment, partly through sheer tiredness but also because it feels pretty upset. I have actually been setting my alarm for every 2/3 hour intervals to wake up and eat in the middle of the night, but that's not really ideal as my body hasn't been having time to recover through sleep. Luckily today gave me the chance to eat, and not just eat but spend the time necessary to find some essential foods for vitamins. I also have been wanting to try find some ibuprofen or similar, unfortunately I didn't find a pharmacy en route - however I heard that beer has anti-inflammatory properties and I managed to find some Heineken so figured I would test out the theory!

I also had to reschedule my rest stops and bookings. So the next couple of nights I have various "chateaus" to stay in. I thought that meant castle. But I'm not sure whether this is what I had in mind when I saw it was supposed to be a castle.
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