This morning I knew that today was going to be a long day and I was feeling really positive. The weather was great, the scenery was great and I was off in to Champagne country. However it has been a day of extreme highs and extreme lows. The weather turned, the scenery remained great. But with 12 miles to go I started to get cramp in my calf like I have never experienced before, which after another 6 miles like this turned in to complete agony, fighting back the tears and just doing anything I could to get to Chalons-en-champagne to assess the damage.
Today has been a real day of extreme highs and extreme lows. Amazing scenery and sights to see and a lot of miles covered - but sadly with 12 miles to go I started to get calf cramp which appears to be a potential pulled muscle. With 6 miles to go I was in tears of agony limping along from Versigny to Chalons-en-Champagne. But I made it and I discovered a lot about myself and my own strength and willpower. However, it’s still a pretty serious situation with over 900 miles left to run so I’ve taken it as a sign my body needs some rest and as gutted as I am because it feels like my goal is slipping away (although luckily I planned in contingency day just incase). I’m taking tomorrow off and going to eat all the food and put my feet up and just hope it’s minor and the pain is due to inflammation and not anything that is going to stop me running. I’m pretty gutted and feeling kind of deflated but ultimately I have to put my body, health and safety first. #londontorome#running #runner #france #youngmindsuk@youngmindsuk
I hadn't anticipated needing to use a contingency day so early, but it is really essential as I am getting to the point where walking is becoming an issue. I have over 900 miles to Rome and at this moment in time I will be incredibly surprised if I can make it. I feel so deflated. I don't think words can quite express the rollercoaster of going from feeling determined this morning to complete bottom and feeling defeated this evening. 
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