The day where everything that could have went wrong, went wrong. I've not had a lot of chance to reflect this evening after crashing sugar levels put me on the verge of becoming hypoglycaemic and focusing on getting my sugar levels back up became the most important thing. It was pretty scary, luckily I knew something was wrong as my mood hit an all time low and I was questioning if I even liked running and swearing at myself A LOT for deciding to do this. However, I think it was not being able to communicate in French to the hotel and sheer panic at not being able to find my accommodation for the evening that tipped the balance, which then became the onset of hypoglycaemia.  For what should have been a really easy day from Sangatte to Arques, turned in to a lot of rain, a lot of verge running and tears. Lots and Lots of tears.
Also, if anyone would like to explain why my shoulders hurt more than my legs... that would be great.
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