After yesterdays testing session I decided it was important to make a final decision about the direction of the game play, now that I know how the different mechanics could work, based on how the controllers worked yesterday. It was a really valuable session with Ollie and Jack!

The backstory I have for Zee the game's narrator is that Zee is a floating orb that has come to earth to learn more about the world, and is the sidekick to the player who acts as the main character in the Zee doesn't have a body and so can't explore himself and needs the player to be able to learn lots of things! I also have the world spinning as one of my main interactions - and it makes me think about being a kid, spinning a globe and pointing to a country thinking "one day I will go to..." - it's part of what got me curious about the world. 

Therefore I have decided to focus on a region of the world that I think could be fun to explore to be able to demonstrate the experience. Thinking about what abilities I have as an illustrator and my colour palette for the game has made me think more about a jungle theme, so I have chosen the Amazon. I feel like choosing destinations like this have a great potential to teach kids about the world and perhaps even what behaviours and differences they can make to the environment and world around them, to encourage them to protect our planet's future. 
Thinking about the game art
I decided it would be a good idea to start sketching out some potential art assets for the game, which could go in place of the current elements of the game I have put together. I can then tweak the code and add more. 
It has made me really exciting about pushing the game further and seeing the reaction to it in full screen at the final testing sessions with Caitlyn when I shoot the video! 

Just a quick post today to show what I have been working on as it's going to be a busy week next week getting the finishing touches together, and I don't want to forget to put some of the progression up
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