Mind Explosion

After Guru's day, the ideas I originally had seem to have grown arms and legs and spiralled a little out of control. My brain feels a little like the design thinking squiggle by Damien Newman, only multiplied and spiralling! See the illustration I made earlier from the squiggle (right). I quickly started sketching and thinking about the re-imagination of the screen and getting really excited about a multitude of ideas again and i've started to feel a bit lost.
However, whilst feeling a bit overwhelmed I took the opportunity to speak to Jeromy Henry and James Panton who visited us on Guru's day, I didn't get the chance to speak to them Tuesday, but arranged a meeting for Friday.  I was really intrigued about some of Jeromy's input in to the Q&A sessions, specifically as he discussed the mergence of physical and digital products as combining the two is really important to me. It was really insightful speaking to both James and Jeromy and explaining where I am at. We talked a lot about my goals and my passion, what drives me as well as using prototyping as a tool to be able to quickly test ideas and learn from these tests (which I had actually been writing about that morning for my dissertation). We also discussed what my next steps are. 

So what is next?
Mapping and Making! My plan is to visually map out my ideas and redefine my goals. Jeromy was talking about key objectives, which I have established but he also explained that I should think of them in terms of key results. For example if my objective is to create a great experience for kids, what results would I like to see that would mean I have achieved this. Once I have managed to map out my thoughts and my goals the intention is to take a few of the ideas and attempt to quickly prototype them to be able to learn more.