Below shows the presentation I will be gave today in class to my peer group. It was great to get a chance to hear some feedback from a few people and see their projects beginning to develop too. 
What have I learnt?
The presentation feedback was useful, when I explained my take on the figure from the guardian that 3/4 of children spend less time outdoors than prisoners it really got me thinking more about why kids don't go outdoors as much anymore. The visit from the museum of childhood suggests that families have become more child-centric, making children a very important part of society. So why then are they spending less time outdoors than those who have been removed from society for breaking the rules? I want to find out why kids aren't going outdoors anymore and I have a few assumptions I want to test. 
Ewan suggested looking at the difference between children who grow up in rural and urban environments. Is it a matter of the spaces? safe spaces? etc... 
What's next? 
I want to continue researching further to clarifying my thoughts further and be able to define a brief for the project, what objectives and goals I have and what outcomes I am hoping for. I want to get some insights from industry, so perhaps finding smart toy designers or developers to speak to might be the next step. 

Additionally, I want to focus on my users and explore more in to play and the different types so I can narrow my focus further. 
To do list:
- Further desk research
- Define a brief
- Set out objectives and goals
- Find industry experts to interview

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