A university group pressure project lasting four weeks where we were required to create an experience prototype for the brief "speaking doors". We were tasked to prototype a speech interaction with a door using different methods of experience prototyping to demonstrate future technological concepts, as a way of presenting these ideas if the technology currently does not exist or it is not possible to produce a fully functioning version. I found it a great way of testing out ideas for interactions quickly, gaining user feedback and insights. 

I worked with Virpi Vainola on this project and we decided we wanted to prototype a fridge door with a personality. Prototyping a digital and audio interface that has a twist on contemporary digital fridge design - keeping some of the current features and functionality of smart fridges, but what if your fridge could develop a personality, keep you entertained, tell you jokes or even sing? As this was a pressure project, with strict time constraints we focused on crafting the audio and interactions as these were the most important for us to present the experience we created. 

Using proto.io we were able to control the interactions with preset responses, visualisations and phrases such as "Hello, Hello. Your broccoli's turning yellow" as well as a feature where COOL hums along to the radio over songs such as Toto's Africa. We wanted to maintain a fun element to this project to best demonstrate the personality of the fridge and what this experience might be like if it were a fully functioning product. Inspired heavily by retro futuristic and a charismatic minimalist design language for both the audio and visual design. It was a very successful pressure project, teaching us new ways in which to demonstrate a working project by way of Wizard of Oz prototyping to get quick feedback about interactions with little time and monetary investment.
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