I have been starting to think more about the game concept and narrative after reflecting on the MK1 testing sessions. I want something that gives me more scope for further development and for new content to be loaded (if this were a non exhaustive project without a fixed end date). This is because the connectivity principle of companies like Yalp, made me realise the diversity and benefits that tech can offer, and how flexible it allows them to make their service is something I want to be able to employ in my design. 

I started thinking more about what learning through play enables children to learn about, and the type of play that inspired this project direction (which is role play) teaches children; that of learning about the world around them and their place in the world. This, in conjunction with the feedback from the co-design and testing sessions makes me think the round the world theme has more scope.

Introducing play.world
The app that aims to use the benefits of digital technology to get kids more active, by turning screen time in to a full body experience!

I have been thinking about a concept narrative, such as earning "miles" or "move points" for the more in game movements you make to explore the world further. This would be motivational for the explorer player type of the KASE matrix, however for the achievers I feel they would need more. Most parents I've spoken to suggest their children love collecting rewards like badges, and these act like a motivator. 

I have started putting together the concept as a storyboard:

1) Child puts on the suit and logs in to the app
2) Spin the globe (spin in the suit) to start
3) Narration gives instruction of how to play the game
4) Child plays mini game by moving in the suit. They are encouraged to more more to collect more "miles".
5) Can collect shapes for extra bonuses (those on the suit)
6) Once enough miles are collected child can choose whether to spin to their next destination or stay and play other games.
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